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    Commercial Roofing Vancouver

    Like any other roofing system, the sole purpose of Commercial Roofing is to provide optimal protection for your property while also not forgetting the aesthetic structure of the building. Commercial Roofing Systems may differ depending on certain factors such as climate conditions in your area, the size, and height of your property, and the specified look you’re looking to achieve.

    Unlike residential roofing, your alternative options for commercial roofing are way more vast which may be confusing at times to know what’s best for your property and come up with a clear and well-thought decision.

    This is where a roofing contractor in Vancouver comes in handy. Working with experts in the field allows you to have the leverage of understanding different types of scenarios and the best decision for all your roofing concerns. Perhaps you may need a little bit of help choosing the proper roofing for your commercial property and avoiding making rash decisions that will only cost you more in the long run. Being particular with your set budget also plays a huge role in letting your contractors help you adequately allocate your price range for you to get the best deal.

    Having an idea of certain types of commercial roofing systems allows you to keep your budget straight and know whether you’re goal is realistic or not. The most common commercial roofing systems are BUR Membrance, Metal Roofing, Modified Bitumen Roofing, EPDM Roof Membrane, TPO Roofing, and Green Roofing System.

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    Benefits of Hiring Roofing Contractor

    Commercial Roofing in Vancouver is certainly not an easy job, and you’ve had to get all the help you need to keep things up and running as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the many benefits of hiring a trusted and reliable roofing contractor.

    Expert Opinion

    Understand that these contractors have already worked on many roofing projects beforehand, so they’ll know the best way to approach things to keep the task a lot more efficient and successful. Hiring contractors is not just about paying for their manual labor. Still, you could pick their brains and ask for their professional opinions about your decision-making on the roofing construction project.

    Project Efficiency

    Roofing projects could take a while, especially for commercial ones. It would help if you had a clear set goal and keep the process as smooth as possible, so hiring an excellent roofing contractor to tackle the job of commercial roofing for you is critical to the overall efficiency and how the project goes.

    Roofing Inspection and Estimate

    We’ve talked about the importance of having a set budget beforehand so you won’t go under or overboard with your expenses along the way. Checking in with your contractors allows you to navigate the situation of your roofing and have a rough estimate on how much it would take for you to take into account your budgeting. Inspection isn’t only before and after the commercial roofing project, so you’ll be sure that everything was done according to plan.

    Finding the Best Commercial Roofing in Vancouver

    Choosing the right contractor for the job could make or break your whole roofing project endeavors. This is why you have to be specific on the parameters you are looking for to ensure the success of your commercial roofing job. Here are some things you need to consider in choosing the Best Commercial Roofing in Vancouver.

    Built Reputation

    Asking your neighbors is the simplest way to find out the trustworthy roofers in your area. It is crucial to find a roofing contractor with an already established background experience to ensure that you’re dealing with battle-tested experts in the area.

    Business License and Insurance

    Of course, you have to double-check whether your roofing contractor of choice is operating legally. Another important thing is to find roofing contractors that provide insurance so you’ll be able to count on them when something goes wrong during and after the project.

    Reasonable Pricing

    The most expensive ones don’t always mean that they provide the highest quality of service. You have to consider the budget you are prepared to spend for the commercial roofing project and find roofers that suit your preference well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Due to Vancouver’s mild, wet winters, a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing system is recommended for commercial buildings. Your commercial roofing contractor knows that durability and moisture resistance are the most important features considering the area’s climate conditions. However, depending on building codes and sustainability factors, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) or metal roofing may be considered the better choice for the commercial roofing project.

    Vancouver commercial roofing needs to be moisture resistant, which is why common materials like TPO, PVC, EPDM, and metal are used for their construction. All of the above listed materials provide durability and corrosion resistance. Since sustainability is important to the city, optimal roofing for Vancouver should focus on the environment, while also considering the climate and meeting building codes.

    A quick Google search will show you that commercial roofing contractors’ material and labour cost widely vary throughout Vancouver. However, elements such as the size of the building, the type of roofing material chosen, and the complexity of the installation are the primary factors that will determine how much you will pay. Since there is no way to offer a ballpark estimate, it’s best that you research “commercial roofers near me” and ask them to provide you with an estimate. Be sure to also check their reviews.

    The lifespan of a commercial flat roof varies greatly, especially when the building resides in a damp, rainy environment or areas with high heat exposure. However, when they are constructed from appropriate materials, commercial flat roofs in Vancouver typically last 20 years, with maintained metal roofs offering a lifespan of 40 years or more. So, be sure to consider the replacement needs of your material and its maintenance schedule before deciding the route you want to take.

    Most commercial roofing companies in Vancouver, B.C. will tell you that metal roofing is the best bang for your buck. While the upfront costs of material and installation are higher than other options, with regular maintenance, metal commercial roofing can last 40 years or more.

    Flat roofs are at a higher risk of water pooling or ponding. Due to the lack of a natural slope for water runoff, flat roofs are more prone to water accumulation, which can lead to an increased risk of leaks and structural damage.

    While a flat roof offers added aesthetic benefits, along with the opportunity for more usable space, there are major disadvantages when it comes to drainage. However, shingles also possess an aesthetic charm, but generally possess a shorter lifespan to many flat roofing materials. Ultimately, the choice is between you and your chosen commercial roofing contractor.

    Whether you’re using the building to operate a commercial business or renting it to someone who is, the best roof is always one that requires less maintenance. Metal roofs will cost you more in material costs upfront but this investment will last you 40 years or more, which means your tenant will not be coming to you anytime soon with a complaint about leaks or structural damage.

    Hiring the right commercial roofing contractor in Vancouver is the important first step of your roofing project. By considering factors like experience, reputation, licensing, quality of workmanship, and green building practices, you can ensure that your contractor aligns with your needs and values. You can also rely on online reviews.

    What Clients Say

    • Alex and his team did a great job from start to finish. Their customer service and crew do not stop working until the entire job was finished and until we were satisfied. They came and listened and new exactly what we wanted and delivered on time. It is because of Alex’s high standards and professionalism that I can give my highest recommendation. Thank you!

      Lorena Grigore Avatar Lorena Grigore
    • Excellent and professional work and fair prices in a time when price-gouging has become the norm. Best roofing company I have worked with to date.

      A H Avatar A H
    • Fantastic service & company, I did my research and found All Coast Roofing to be the absolute best pricing for my dollar. They were very easy to work with, very professional and efficient. Highly highly recommend this team! Thanks again ACR!

      Jeff Reviews Avatar Jeff Reviews

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