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    Whether your flat roof lacks proper drainage or is leaking, it requires specialized knowledge and techniques to find the issues and address them effectively to prevent future problems. Since roofing construction requires precision, especially in an environment susceptible to rainy conditions, repairs on commercial flat roofs in Vancouver are best left to the professionals.

    For top-tier flat roofing contractors in Vancouver, turn to All Coast Roofing! Ensuring durable solutions for flat roof leaks in heavy rain, with an expertise that extends to flat roof repair in Vancouver, our company possesses a proven track record of quality service and attention to detail with lasting results.

    #1 Flat Roofing Contractor in Vancouver

    Expertise: With expertise that bridges over 20 years of roofing construction experience, we bring forth the gold standard for flat roofing companies.

    Quality: Whether repairing a residential roofing with durable asphalt shingles or cutting steel for a commercial application, we meticulously repair and fortify your roof with premium-grade materials.

    Local: Flat roofing installation in Vancouver is best left to the locals that understand the unique weather patterns and the cheapest places to purchase high-quality materials. Proudly serving the Vancouver area, our flat roofing contractors live and work in the area, which means that aside from knowing all things roofing, they also have established relationships with suppliers and are happy to support the community and roofing projects throughout Greater Vancouver.

    Responsive: As a local flat roofing contractor we ensure quick response times for inquiries, quotes, or inspections and aim to provide efficient and personalized service.

    Flat Roofing Services in Vancouver

    Flat roofing in Vancouver typically includes the following services:

    Installation: Flat roofing contractors can install new flat roofs using various materials such as built-up roofing (BUR), modified bitumen, EPDM rubber, PCV, TOP, or metal roofing systems.

    Repair: Flat roof repair services in Vancouver address issues such as leaks, ponding water, membrane damage, flashing problems, and other forms of deterioration to ensure the roof’s integrity and longevity.

    Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs, help to prolong the lifespan of flat roofs and prevent costly damage.

    Replacement: When a flat roof reaches the end of its lifespan or sustains extensive damage, flat roofing contractors can provide replacement services to install a new, more durable roof system.

    Waterproofing: A quick search for “flat roof repair near me” will put you in touch with our roofing experts, skilled in waterproofing services that aim to protect flat roofs from moisture infiltration.

    Flat Roof Installation

    High-quality materials and craftsmanship are the foundation of a durable and long-lasting roofing system. While there are many types of roof systems, each with their unique installation processes, this explains flat roof installation in Vancouver in more detail for you.

    The first thing our team will do is come out to inspect the existing roof. By assessing its condition, we can identify any underlying issues that may need to be addressed before we can install a new one. While some flat roofing companies charge for a call-out, ours offers free estimates, providing you with a quote that includes the cost of any necessary repairs or modifications.

    Once the roof is inspected, we can start the installation process by preparing the surface. This involves cleaning the roof of debris and removing existing materials. With the surface prepared, the installation of the flat roof membrane begins. Depending on your chosen roofing material, this may involve laying down layers of asphalt and roofing felt for built-up roofing (BUR), torching or adhering modified bitumen sheets, or applying single-ply membranes such as EPDM, PVC, or TPO.

    During installation, your flat roofing contractors will ensure proper alignment, adhesion, and waterproofing. Flashing is then installed around roof penetrations such as vents and chimneys to prevent water intrusion. Once the membrane is in place, seams are sealed and a protective coating is applied to enhance the roof’s performance.

    Flat Roof Repair

    Here at All Coast Roofing, we provide reliable repairs for flat roofs, expertly addressing issues such as leaks, damage, and wear to ensure long-lasting solutions. Our experienced team identifies and resolves flat roof leaks in heavy rain by utilizing high-quality materials to restore your roof’s integrity. In addition to scheduled repairs, we offer emergency repair services for urgent situations.

    Commercial Flat Roofing

    When you search “flat roofing experts near me” you will find All Coast Roofing at the top because we specialize in commercial flat roof repairs. With extensive experience in handling large-scale projects, delivering high-quality repairs, and addressing leaks and damage, our goal is to restore and maintain the integrity of your commercial flat roof.

    Common Flat Roofing Problems

    While flat roofs are ideal for their cost-effectiveness and additional usable space, there are some added maintenance problems. .

    Water ponding: Because there is no slope on a flat roof, water can accumulate on low spots. Over time, these pools can deteriorate the material, leading to leaks.

    Leaks and water intrusion: Seams and flashing are vulnerable areas where water can infiltrate your roof. Wear and tear of your roof structure also causes small penetrations or holes where leaks can occur.

    Membrane damage: Because a flat roof is accessible, there’s more likely to be damage inflicted on the membrane from elements such as weather and foot traffic.

    Blistering and cracking: With minimal shade or run-off, the membrane is exposed to ongoing temperature shifts that may result in cracking or blistering.

    Vegetation growth: With more moisture and debris comes vegetation growth. Be sure to clean your roof often.

    Insufficient drainage: Debris clogs drains causing water to backup and pond. When you have a flat roof, you need to regularly remove dirt, branches, and vegetation to ensure that your draining systems work properly.

    Aging and wear: Exposure to elements degrades your flat roof. As with any roof, regular cleaning and a yearly inspection ensure that early maintenance is done to slow down the aging process of your roof.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A flat roof has a minimal slope, usually less than 10 degrees, appearing almost level. In contrast, a pitched roof features a steeper angle, which is designed for water runoff.

    Even with heavy rains, flat roofing in Vancouver can last 20 to 25 years with proper installation and regular maintenance. The longevity of your flat roof is dependent on the quality of the materials and how harsh the weather conditions are.

    For flat roofing in Vancouver, signs that indicate the need for repairs or replacement include persistent leaks, visible membrane damage, and pooling water. Additionally, if a roof is 20 to 25 years or older, it’s nearing the end of its typical lifespan. 

    Flat roofing in Vancouver typically lasts between 20 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the materials used, regular maintenance, and the craftsmanship of the roof.

    A simple online search of “flat roof experts near me” will put you in contact with a team that can inspect your flat roof semi-annually—preferably in the spring and fall.

    Commercial flat roofs in Vancouver offer the benefits of additional usable space, which can be utilized for rooftop amenities like HVAC units, solar panels, or simply an outdoor recreation area. Additionally, these types of roofs are more cost-effective and offer easy maintenance.

    The coating used, weather conditions, and the level of wear and tear all contribute to how often you should recoat your flat roof. Google “flat roof repair near me” to speak with experts in your area. However, if you live in Vancouver, our team will tell you that recoating every 5 to 10 years is recommended.

    Commercial roofs typically need to be replaced every 15-30 years, depending on the material and maintenance.

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    • Alex and his team did a great job on re-roofing my recently purchased Vancouver Special. Excellent communication and AllCoast did extra work that I requested without problems (blowing insulation into attic space). He provided different quotes so I could compare options and he kept to his quote. Very happy with AllCoast and would recommend them.

      J D Avatar J D
    • Working with Alex is a dream. Not only does he answers calls and emails in a timely manner, he is one of the most respectful, professional and easygoing person to work with. We highly recommend him for your roofing needs and if you’d like someone trustworthy and delivers good results, you can count on All Coast Roofing to the job done.

      george verdolaga Avatar george verdolaga
    • Alex and his team did a great job of our rooftop deck. Quick and efficient communication and super easy to work with. Would highly recommend!

      Denise Winford Avatar Denise Winford

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