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    New Roof Installation

    A roof can last 15 to 75 years or longer depending on the type of roofing material, the local climate, and other factors. With every roof, there comes a time when it can no longer function effectively, and you have to replace it.


    What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof?

    There are worthwhile benefits of replacing your roof, including:

    • Increased resale value
    • Safety
    • Curb appeal
    • Energy efficiency and savings
    • Excellent return on investment
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Give your house a makeover
    • Protect your home and family from water leaks, high moisture levels, and unsafe mold growth

    What Materials are Needed for a New Roof Installation?

    So, you might be wondering how do you install a new roof? Several materials are necessary.

    Roof Decking

    Roof decking or sheathing is the base layer of multiple boards nailed or stapled into the rafters of the building.


    The fiberglass and asphalt underlayment is usually rolled out and nailed onto the roof decking as an additional layer of protection underneath the shingles.


    Roofers nail asphalt starter shingles or strips to the edges of your roof before placing the top shingle layer that you see around your neighborhood.

    What are the Different Types of Roof Shingles?

    Roofing shingles come in different styles, colors, and materials.


    Asphalt roofing is one of the most affordable types of shingles made of tar, fiberglass, and natural granules.


    For eons, woods like cedar, spruce, and pine have been used as a roofing material.


    Copper, steel, aluminum, or alloys can be stamped into various shapes to make an attractive metal roof.


    Slate is essentially a type of metamorphic rock that’s milled or rived by hand into shingles.


    Tile shingles made of clay have a Mediterranean look.

    Comparing DIY With Professional Contractors

    If you’re thinking about going DIY to save money, you’d be surprised by how quickly the cost to install a new roof can climb. DIY can be more time-consuming, expensive, and complex.

    Hiring a team of roofing experts like All Coast Roofing means you don’t have to worry if you’re doing it right because we’ve got you covered.

    Preparing Your Home for Roof Installation

    Here are some key things to consider to prepare for your new roof installation in Vancouver:

    • Talk to your children about areas of the house or yard that are off-limits.
    • Keep your pets elsewhere or inside and comfort them.
    • Keep your vehicles a safe distance away.
    • Keep garage doors closed.
    • Cover your belongings in the attic.
    • Move grills or patio furniture.
    • Prune trees and cut grass.
    • Remove antennas or satellite dishes.
    • Talk to your neighbours.
    • Would you be more comfortable visiting friends or family while your roof is being replaced?

    You might decide to protect fragile items like china plates and remove some wall decorations.

    How Can You Maintain Your New Roof?

    Here are some top tips for maintaining your new roof:

    • Keep your gutters clean.
    • Remove moss, mold, and any buildup of snow or debris on your roof.
    • Trim the trees and landscaping.
    • Check for leaks.
    • Inspect for cracked or damaged shingles or hire a roofing professional to inspect your roof.

    Does a New Roof Increase the Property Value of Your Home?

    It’s no secret that the value of your home increases with a brand-new roof. For example, as Remodeling’s 2019 report revealed, the average homeowner in the United States spends $22,636 on a new asphalt shingle roof, but the value of the home increases by an average of $15,427. Other reports found a high return on investment to the tune of 109%. If you’re looking to sell your home, a new roof is a powerful marketing tool. 

    The hassle and steps involved in replacing your old roof might make your eyes widen, but a professional team like our All Coast Roofing experts can streamline the entire new roof installation process to give you peace of mind. Reach out today for your free estimate.

    Frequently Asked Questions About New Roofing Installation

    Lighter-colored roofs and clay and metal roofs have a longer lifespan because they’re effective at reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption.

    If your roof is in poor condition, you’ll want to protect your home and family as soon as you can. Many contractors would agree that the fall months just after summer is the best time to install a new roof because the weather is more comfortable, allowing shingles to effectively set and seal.

    A new roof can be installed in the winter months as long as it isn’t freezing, snowing, or raining.

    Rain is a safety hazard for your roofing crew and risks the integrity of your new roof. Roofers only work on dry roofs.

    If you’re wondering how much a new roof installation costs in Vancouver and elsewhere, the answer is it varies based on several factors, such as the size of your roof and the roofing materials. Thumbtack puts the average cost of a new roof installation in Vancouver, Canada, at $14,850; some roofs can cost $25,000 or more.

    What Clients Say

    • Glad we found Alex and his team at All Coast Roofing. He was one of the only roofing companies on the North Shore to call back and luck would have it he would be in the area that week and so was happy to squeeze us in after another project. He is knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and even helped remove debris from our gutters free of charge. He also spent time inspecting the rest of the roof (after minor roof repair from leaky plumbing stack) and providing his opinion on what could be improved, when, and in order of priority. Will use again for sure and glad we stumbled across All Coast Roofing – would recommend. Thanks Alex and team.

      Jean-Marc Daniel Avatar Jean-Marc Daniel
    • Working with Alex is a dream. Not only does he answers calls and emails in a timely manner, he is one of the most respectful, professional and easygoing person to work with. We highly recommend him for your roofing needs and if you’d like someone trustworthy and delivers good results, you can count on All Coast Roofing to the job done.

      george verdolaga Avatar george verdolaga
    • All Coast installed a slope package on our flat roof. They were attentive and responsive, with excellent workmanship. Very happy with our choice. Highly recommend!

      Christopher Paetkau Avatar Christopher Paetkau

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