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    How Your Local Roofing Contractors Tackle The Job

    If you're someone who lives in Vancouver, you already know how cool, windy and humid it could be, especially in the cold winter. Regardless of the quality of roofs you have, they are still vulnerable to damage in rare extreme weather conditions. Even those mild, windy days add up after a while. We aim to bring comfort and ease of mind to the neighborhoods of Vancouver. All Coast Roofing is the most accessible roofing company you'll find that will cater to any amount of inconvenience you have in terms of roofing.

    With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with thousands of satisfied clients. So many in the community trust us because of the amount of time we spend on our crafts. We believe that our job as roofing contractors brings a staple part to families' homes, which keeps them safe and warm on a nightly basis. With our unwavering service, we've contributed to improving the lives of many families living in Vancouver.

    We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your roofing concerns in Vancouver. We provide services on commercial roofing, emergency repairs, gutter installation, landscaping, residential roofing, maintenance, siding, and solar panel installation, torch-on roofing, and any other repair concerns about roofing. We understand the need for assistance when it comes to finding out issues about your roof and what actions are needed to be done. This is why we offer free estimates for our clients in Vancouver.

    We've got all your bases covered, whether you're dealing with roof leakage, missing shingles, granular loss, and other roofing repair jobs. We make sure that the people we hire are well-equipped with industry knowledge and experts in their field. This ensures our methods are passed on, and we persist in providing superior roofing service in Vancouver.

    Roofs are an integral part of every home, and you should never compromise on the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship of how it was built. At All Coast Roofing, you can rest assured that your concerns are handled very well as you'll be working with experts who have a deep understanding of roofing and certainly know what they're doing. If you're wondering where you could find the answers to your roofing problems, you may visit us here at All Coast Roofing and get your free estimate.

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      Our roofing services include residential and commercial roofing, emergency roof repairs, gutter installation and cleaning, property maintenance, moss treatments, solar panel installation and more.
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      All Coast Roofing’s commitment to excellence is highlighted by a strong BBB rating and many 5 star reviews online. Discover what our roofing clients have to say about our work today.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Local contractors in Vancouver offer a comprehensive range of roofing services tailored to the unique climate and needs of the region. Services include roof installation for various materials such as shingles, metal, tile, and flat roofing systems. They also provide routine maintenance, leak detection, and repair, ensuring longevity and performance throughout the seasons. Many contractors offer moss removal and roof cleaning, crucial in Vancouver’s moist climate to prevent damage and preserve aesthetics. Additionally, services like gutter cleaning, skylight installations, and insulation checks are provided. With the city’s mix of traditional and modern architecture, Vancouver’s roofing specialists are equipped to handle diverse projects.

    If you’re planning a roofing project in Vancouver, BC, multiple factors can affect the duration. Typically, re-roofing a standard home with asphalt shingles takes around 2-5 days. However, if you choose more intricate materials like tile or metal, it may take longer. Vancouver’s frequent rain can also slow down the completion time. The size and complexity of the roof, pre-existing damage, and any custom additions like skylights or solar panels can also impact the timeframe. While contractors aim to finish quickly, their priority is always to provide quality work. We recommend speaking to your selected professional to receive a personalized estimate of the timeframe. For an estimated timeframe for your roofing project in Vancouver, please reach out to All Coast Roofing.

    When selecting roofing material for your home, consider the climate, longevity, cost, aesthetics, weight, and eco-friendliness. Vancouver’s wet climate might dictate materials resistant to moisture and mold. Energy efficiency and local building codes are other essential factors. Always balance your desired look with functionality and budget constraints.

    Yes, All Coast Roofing, a local roofing contractor, can assist with attic ventilation and insulation. All Coast Roofing offers specialized services in attic ventilation and insulation. Proper ventilation and insulation are crucial for maintaining a home’s energy efficiency and preventing moisture-related issues. If you’re interested in these services, please get in touch with us to see if we offer them in your specific area or not.

    The cost of a new roof installation in Vancouver varies based on factors like size, materials chosen, and specific requirements of the project. All Coast Roofing provides tailored estimates to ensure you get an accurate understanding of your investment. It’s best to contact us directly for a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

    In Vancouver’s unique climate, certain signs indicate the need for a roof replacement. These include curling or missing shingles, a proliferation of granules in your gutters, and moss or algae growth – common due to Vancouver’s moist conditions. Persistent leaks, even after repairs, can signal underlying issues. Additionally, if your roof is over 20 years old, it might be nearing its lifespan’s end. Inside, water stains or sagging areas on ceilings are alarming indicators. Given Vancouver’s seasonal rains and occasional snow, addressing these signs promptly is crucial to protect your home from more significant damage.

    What Clients Say

    • Excellent service. Had my chimney re-pointed and was impressed with Alexander and his team. They showed up when they said they would and were very efficient with their work. Highly recommend All Coast if you’re looking to get some work done on your roof and/or chimney.

      Eric Glaser Avatar Eric Glaser
    • Best roofing service for cheapest prices. Highly recommended them.

      Bam Bonton Avatar Bam Bonton
    • Today, Dec 30th, our roof decided to spring a major leak, causing damage inside the house. A roofer was desperately needed to tarp our roof. I found All Coast Roofing online, which was very close to me. Alex, the owner of the company, contacted his crew to see if they could fit this project into their schedule today. Unfortunately that wasn’t a possibility, but sensing the worry in my voice he came by himself to tarp our roof. He also added a few shingles to patch the main area causing the leak. From placing the phone call to the end of the job, less than 2 hours passed by! I can not express my gratitude enough to Alex for coming by immediately, doing the job and easing my worry. You can tell a lot about a company by how the owner conducts business. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for your roofing needs. Quick, efficient, knowledgeable, safe and will go above and beyond to satisfy you. All Coast Roofing…Alex…thank you and Happy New Year!

      David Leask Avatar David Leask

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