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    Although commonly known as solar panels, the correct name for the panels popping up across the country is actually a solar photovoltaic system—or solar PV system for short. 

    Whether you're looking to install solar panels in a bid to go "off-the-grid" by producing and storing your own energy solutions or plan to a solar thermal system to save on your annual gas bill, there are a number of considerations that homeowners must know prior to embarking on their solar panel installation project. Some of these considerations are: 

    The Cost: Turnkey installations for PV solar systems is approximately $3,000. At the current average costs for electricity in BC, it will take you up to 25 years to recoup the entire cost of installation. Costs can increase if you plan to tie into BC Hydro's Grid as they will have to inspect the installation prior to approval. 

    Battery Storage VS Grid Tied: As mentioned above, if you plan to tap into the Grid with your PV system, BC Hydro requires an inspection of the unit's installation. Whereas, if you are planning to store your own power in a battery like the Tesla Powerwall, you don't require additional inspections. However, these home-based batteries come at a cost ($5,000 - $7,000 according to Energy Sage). 

    Professional Installation: Having a professional perform any electrical-based project in your home is a must to ensure that the project is done safely and will last a lifetime. Solar PV systems are no different. Contact the experts at All Coast Roofing to get your Solar Panel project started today.

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    • 5 star review  All Coast installed a slope package on our flat roof. They were attentive and responsive, with excellent workmanship. Very happy with our choice. Highly recommend!

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    • 5 star review  Alex and his team did a great job from start to finish. Their customer service and crew do not stop working until the entire job was finished and until we were satisfied. They came and listened and new exactly what we wanted and delivered on time. It is because of Alex’s high standards and professionalism that I can give my highest recommendation. Thank you!

      thumb Lorena Grigore
    • 5 star review  Fantastic service & company, I did my research and found All Coast Roofing to be the absolute best pricing for my dollar. They were very easy to work with, very professional and efficient. Highly highly recommend this team! Thanks again ACR!

      thumb Jeff Reviews

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