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The roof surface of the house is overgrown with moss

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    North Vancouver Moss Removal and Treatment

    Mosses might be natural and fascinating tiny plants, but they threaten the functionality, safety, and longevity of your roof. The thousands of species of these ancient, durable plants produce spores that are spread by the wind, birds, squirrels, and other animals; sometimes, those spores end up on your roof.

    How Can Moss Damage Your Roof?

    It’s important to remove moss buildup as quickly as you can to prevent headaches and costly roof repairs or a replacement down the line.

    1. Curb Appeal: Moss diminishes the aesthetics and curb appeal of your roof. If you plan on selling, it could put off a potential homebuyer.

    2. Leaks, Rot, and Structural Damage: Mosses act like sponges that soak up rainfall. Moss holding moisture against your roof can cause rot, leaks, damage, and deterioration of the tiles, rafters, and roof deck over time. Moss can even spread under the tiles and clog your gutters, preventing proper drainage, so prompt roof moss removal is important. Water leaks and excess moisture in your home increase your risk of harmful mold growth.

    3. Added Weight: As moss collects water, it gets heavy. If it’s left untreated, your roof might not be able to hold the added weight and could cave in at some point, which is a big threat to the safety of your home and family.

    4. Pests: Certain pests, bugs, and rodents might set up a home in the moss or eat the moss.

    5. Unsafe, Slippery Roof:A moss-covered roof is also a slippery roof that presents a safety hazard to anyone who climbs on it for inspections or repairs.

    What’s the Right Climate for Moss Growth?

    Moss loves rain and humidity the most, so the climate here in Vancouver, Canada, is often ripe for moss growth. Moss and algae are more likely to appear if your roof has some shaded areas where there isn’t much direct sunlight.

    How Do You Identify the Signs of Moss and Algae Growth?

    If moss grows on your roof, you’ll see the green, fuzzy plant between shingles or layering the roof surface. Algae often grows alongside moss and usually appears as black, green, or white spots.

    How Do You Prevent Moss from Growing on Your Roof?

    There are steps you can take to try to prevent moss from growing on your roof, such as:

  • Clean your roof at least once a year or choose a professional roof cleaning in North Vancouver with our All Coast Roofing team, who can clean and spot-treat problem areas with effective roof moss treatments..

  • Clean out the leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts, or hire professionals for a gutter cleaning service.

  • Trim back overhanging tree branches.

  • Inspect your roof regularly.

  • Why Choose Professionals to Remove Moss from Your Roof?

    Calling on the professionals is typically the best option, especially if there’s extensive moss buildup. Our roofers are qualified professionals with long-lasting, industrial-strength roof moss treatments, zinc and copper strips, rotating bristle brushes, and other specialized tools for careful roof moss removal in North Vancouver.
    Our roofers have the right safety gear and equipment and can inspect your roof for any signs of leaks or damage. We provide quality roof cleaning and moss removal in North Vancouver. If you have concerns or you see that green, fuzzy stuff showing up, reach out for a free estimate today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best way to know if your roof is damaged is to hire a roofing contractor for a professional inspection—checking for signs such as missing or damaged shingles, leaks, or water stains on your ceiling or sagging area. It’s also a good idea to have them inspect your attic for signs of water intrusion.

    When it comes to roof cleaning in North Vancouver, once or twice a year is sufficient. Ideally, you would get your roof cleaned in the spring or early summer to remove debris such as leaves, branches, moss, and algae. However, the more often you clean, the longer the lifespan of your roof.

    Moss on the roof doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced, but a roofing contractor can assess any damage. Moss retains moisture and can accelerate roof deterioration, leading to damage over time. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and treating the roof help to inhibit moss growth and prolong the lifespan without the need for immediate replacement.

    If you don’t remove moss over time, you risk your roof’s structural integrity and safety. Moss retains moisture, which can lead to water damage and rot in the underlying roofing materials. Additionally, the roots of moss can penetrate and lift up shingles.

    Moss is a natural and ancient plant that grows in humid climates and shaded areas. This means that moss thrives in regions like the Pacific Northwest. Since trees and buildings produce shade and receive less sunlight at different times of day, this creates an environment for moss to flourish, especially on the roof.

    What Clients Say

    • A very large tree fell on our roof crushing the gable and the top edge of the roof. Coast Roofing was my first call because of the good online reviews. Alex and his crew were friendly and did a great job. Also had them change the cedar siding on one side of the house and the roof redone on a large shed. All the work was done above expectations.

      Terry Review Avatar Terry Review
    • Working with Alex is a dream. Not only does he answers calls and emails in a timely manner, he is one of the most respectful, professional and easygoing person to work with. We highly recommend him for your roofing needs and if you’d like someone trustworthy and delivers good results, you can count on All Coast Roofing to the job done.

      george verdolaga Avatar george verdolaga
    • Excellent and professional work and fair prices in a time when price-gouging has become the norm. Best roofing company I have worked with to date.

      A H Avatar A H

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