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    What is a Torch On Roof?

    Torch on roofs are a popular choice of roofing type for homes with flat roofs as well as commercial buildings. Although, they can be used on a variety of other types of roofs including for property extensions, garages, as well as metal and concrete deck covers. Because the process of torch on roofing requires a lot of heat and fire, this technique is not best for those with wood trusses or wooden sub-structures even if they have been treated with flame retardant beforehand.

    The torch on process involves three layers of bitumen sheeting that is melted onto the surface of the roof to create a waterproof seal that is virtually impenetrable to water. Torch on roofing accounts for a large subsection of roofing materials of homes throughout British Columbia, likely because of the waterproof nature of the technique and the amount of rain that our Province receives per year. Despite the heat and materials used in torch on roofing, the process doesn’t cause an excess amount of noxious fumes; a stark contrast to older methods like the tar and gravel roofing. For those with low-sloping or flat roofs who are worried about snow and water build-up, a torch down roof is the key to peace of mind all year long. These roofing options are rated to last as long as 15 years, although occasionally some will require patching up after 8-10 years.

    Advantages of Torch-On Roofing

    Torch-on roofing is a fantastic style of roofing that offers excellent protection and other advantages to buildings, particularly those with flat or just slightly sloped roofs. Also called torch-down roofing, torch-on roofing gets its name because it involves torching a layer of bitumen sheeting modified with either rubber or plastic. When heated, the material adheres to the roof and provides excellent protection from the elements.

    Here are some reasons why so many homeowners and contractors opt for torch-on roofing.

    Waterproof capabilities

    One of the standout advantages of torch-on roofing is its remarkable waterproof capabilities. The materials and method of application ensure that water will not penetrate, preventing potential damage and enhancing the longevity of the entire roofing system.


    Since it’s so difficult for water or other elements to penetrate, torch-on roofing is impressively durable and resilient to various weather conditions, including heavy rain. It also does well in extreme temperatures as the materials expand and contract easily, making it less prone to failure through melting or cracking. This resilience contributes to a prolonged lifespan and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

    Superior insulation and energy efficiency

    Torch-on roofing also offers superior insulation and energy efficiency. It’s resistant to UV rays, making it less likely to contribute to indoor heat on warm days, lowering your cooling bill significantly.

    Why Torch-on Roofing is Important in Vancouver

    The preferred choice for many eligible homeowners in Vancouver is torch-on roofing. Vancouver’s climate, characterized by frequent rainfall and temperature variations, demands a roofing solution that can effectively withstand these challenges. The durability of torch-on roofing is particularly crucial in Vancouver's climate, where a warming climate is making rain and temperature fluctuations more common year-round. Its resilience to these conditions reduces the likelihood of damage, providing homeowners with a reliable and long-lasting roofing solution.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Torch-On Roofing

    It may seem simple, but applying torch-on roofs in Vancouver is a job best left to the experts. Here’s how they’ll install your new roof.

    1. Surface preparation

    First, your roofing pros inspect and clean the roof surface. They’ll repair any areas of damage and apply a primer.

    2. Torch application

    Once the roof is deemed stable, the roofers will roll out the torch-on membrane across the whole roof. They’ll cut and trim it to size, ensuring it has overlapped seams. Then, they’ll use a roofing torch to heat the sheeting so it softens and can be pressed into place.

    3. Quality control measures

    Once the membrane has been laid down and thoroughly heated, the roofers will check to ensure the application was successful. This usually includes inspecting for blisters or wrinkles in the material and performing a water infiltration test.

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