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How Long Do Tile Roofs Last

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last

Tile Roofing has been around for a while now, partly because of its versatility, accessibility, and proven built quality material. If you’re someone who has just bought a new property and you’re trying to consider tile roofing and other options, one of the first things you should consider is the roofing’s lifespan.

That is why we’ve compiled the different types of tile roofing materials out there and how long do they actually last to help you come up with an informed decision and choose the right one for you!

Different Types of Roofing Tiles and Their Lifespan

Composite Roof Tiles

Composite Roof Tiles, sometimes called Synthetic Roof, are tiles made from compressed recycled plastics and other sustainable materials. This means that they are much more lightweight than conventional roofing tiles out there while at the same time having the same look and even the same performance in some cases.

Composite Roof Tiles could be an excellent choice for roofing when you are looking for budget-friendly, minimal maintenance, and primarily similar performance compared to the more expensive alternatives.

The composite roof tiles’ life expectancy could be around 50 years which varies considering that they are installed and maintained correctly. It also has excellent fire and impact resistance ratings, so that’s a plus. However, critics are still implying that they should not be compared to the more solid roofing materials such as concrete tiles, slate roofs, and more. It’s best to be cautious and consult a trustworthy roofing contractor first before making any long-term decisions.

Solar Roof Tiles

Modern technological improvements have impacted so much of our lives that even the roofs over our heads are getting much more sophisticated. Solar Roof Tiles revolutionized how we go about home roofings and has opened so much room for innovation for the years to come.

But the question is, are they durable enough to last longer compared to the conventional roofing tiles we already have for so many years.  

The short answer is no. Solar Roof Tiles have much more benefits and features to offer like actual energy sourcing, sleek style, environmentally friendly, wind and impact resistance, and many more. However, they are not yet developed enough to stay as long as other conventional concrete material roofings.

It is estimated to stay in good condition and lifespan for about 25-40 years, much less than others. Still, technology is consistently making improvements. Only time will tell if these custom solar roofings could be durable enough and viable options for home and commercial roofing.

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal Roof Tiles are also a great option, especially when you’re fond of achieving that attractive metallic look it has, but where does it actually stand when it comes to lifespan and longevity?

The short answer would be that it could last for about 40-70 years, which varies depending on the other materials used upon installation, and maintenance does have a factor.

The truth is, there are much more things to consider that would lead to that simple answer. Metal Roof Tiles has excellent features such as safety from burning from fire or lighting, minimal maintenance, energy-efficient, and at the same time being environmentally friendly as they could be recycled for different purposes. 

However, metal roofs are not the most inexpensive type of roofing tile out there. It could cost you as much as two to three times more expensive than the other alternative roofings. Noise is also a factor as metal tends to not absorb heavy rain pretty well compared to more solid roofs like slate tiles.

Asphalt Shingle Tiles

Asphalt Shingles Tiles is arguably the most commonly used tile roofing in the market. It is made from fiberglass between asphalt and ceramic granules. Asphalt Tiles are widely recognized and well known for being relatively easy to install and much more affordable than others.

Asphalt Tile Roofs can do pretty well in durability considering that they are correctly installed and suitable material used for the actual roof; they could last you for 15-30 years of lifespan, which is just about right in the middle considering their affordability.

There are many other benefits and reasons for Asphalt Shingles that led them to become one of the most commonly utilized roofing. Some factors include weather and fire resistance, easy installation, minimal maintenance, low cost, versatility, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Slate Roofing Tiles

Going outside your area won’t probably take you too long to recognize and see houses near you with slate roof tile applications. It is basically a worldwide recognized type of roofing tile because of its excellent technical features and long-lasting durability. It is known to be one of the most forefront tile options out there, especially when talking about lifespan and longevity. Slate Shingles are not modern as they have been widely being used for centuries and many homes built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are still in good condition today.

In fact, if you have been lucky not to experience many environmental factors along your area, your Slate Roof Tiles could last you for as long as 200 years. That should be enough reason to understand how durable this material is. Although, one thing to consider is that there are two primary types of Slate Roof Tiles: Hard Slate and Soft Slate.

Hard Slate is excellent in being weather and fire-resistant as they can withstand environmental factors without any complications. Hard Slate Roof Tiles could maintain their optimal composition for 75-200 years. 

Soft Slate, on the other hand, is much less durable than Hard Slates; however, this doesn’t mean that they are shouldn’t be considered as they have their own purposes, but since we’re talking about lifespan here, you shouldn’t be expecting Soft Slate to stay as long as Hard Slates can. Soft Slate Roof Tiles have a life expectancy of about 50-125 years, which is still a good number compared to other tile roofing.

Wrapping Up.

Now that we’ve discussed the different types of roofing tiles and their expected lifespans, we hope this will add value and help you make informed decisions.  

If you happen to need any professional guidance and more roofing consultations, we would love to accommodate you and get the best value for your current and future homes here at All Coast Roofing. Visit us today and get a free estimate!

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